We're happy to share some testimonials from our Bioregulatory Medicine and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy services and more.


In February of 2018, I started my Journey and went to see Sheila Viel, as my brother had been seeing Sheila since November of 2017, and was feeling so much better.  I was skeptical and worried about the cost.  I was  insulin and medicated dependent Diabetic prior to seeing her.  I felt depressed, sad, sleepy, moody, stressed no energy and very lethargic most of the time.  My sugars and insulin use were always high.  My starting insulin was 38 units and a possibility of going higher if i didn't get help soon.  I felt alone in the world, even with family and friends nearby.  Thankfully, I got started on my own program.

I admit, it was hard to start my new program, as I had to be coached and educated on diet,  better food choices and exercises.   I also had to come to terms, address, and understand how the trauma and stressful events that had occurred to me as a teenager,  were now affecting my physical body now in my life.  Through a therapy, called Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy, a hands on body touch, Sheila helped me relax my body enough to release my trauma, and come to grips with my past.  I was able to let go of the problems and stresses and view what lie ahead and not in the past, helping me understand where these feelings came from and how to overcome them to get on with my life.

Homeopathic's and supplements were suggested, options given, and teaching and advise on the healing process.  I took both to heart and I was on my way to recovery; with my sugar levels dropping,  weight loss, happier, more energy, and able to talk more openly about things, I couldn't before.  Within one month I was able to drop down to 30 units of insulin, what a feeling that is!  Next month down to 22 units, no cravings, more weight loss!  I also had to go down on my diabetic medications.  I had energy to burn, I felt alive, and no longer feel alone in the world.  Bye bye junk food... more money for other important things, as well costs down as no longer needing an insulin pen per week.

Now I was really on my way to success, the next month, I came off more medications, it is a miracle.  Down to 16 units, I was now so proud of myself, I even posted on Facebook!  I didn't know I would get so many comments and likes, congrats and wishes for the future.

The next month, I went into a plateau for a while.  Well, I thought that was it, where I would be staying the rest of my life, but I gave myself a mental kick in the butt for even thinking that way. Sheila, advised me that, if I THINK this is as far you will go, then That is as far as you will go!  Don't ever think to give up on this amazing journey, and then things starting dropping again.  Sugars dipped again, insulin needs dropped, I love that feeling.  Next month down to 8 units! wow what a shock!  

By September 05th, I was no longer on insulin!  More weight loss, approximately40 pounds and way more energy, sleeping better.

Now I have been insulin free for two months as of November 05th, 2018, and feel fantastic, my body is doing wonderful and I couldn't ask for more.  If I did, it would be to continue on this absolutely, wonderful journey as I do not want it to end.

When asked to write about doing this life experience, I was surprised.  I didn't think I was amazing, But I am.  I have more self confidence, and I will continue to think that way.  I am who I am and no one will ever change that.  What is amazing is that a little over 8 month ago, I was taking 38 units of insulin a day to NO Insulin!  It is a fantastic feeling.  I would recommend using herbal homeopathic's and supplements to anyone who needs help to get their health under control.  I go for walks and I am not out of breath like I used to be.  I find I walk quicker, with more stamina and better will power.  I will always continue with my healthier diet choices, baking, and making my own dressings, etc., as it is a way of life for me now.

To end this chapter in my life, I will say to anyone who needs the help to go and get it.  It is never too late to ask for the help you need even if you think it is.  Sheila Viel (pHotential Health) will help anyone with health issues, from those with diabetes, weight loss, even cancer; whether physical, emotional, or mental.  As I learned,there is nothing that can not be healed or maintained.  Good Luck to everyone.  Thank-you to Sheila and to my Brother who got me started.

B.C. November 2018

I have been going to pHotential Health (Sheila Viel) for a few months now.  I was very physically low when I first went.   My energy level is now better than it has been in many years!!!  I recommend that if you are having health issues to go to pHotential Health.  You will be glad you did.

DH from Vermilion AB August 2018

By becoming a client of Sheila Viel's, it has made my life so much healthier than I could ever imagine.  She sat, listened carefully, and went into depth about to all my health issues.  I think using all of the natural homeopathic products that sheila has to offer has made me realize that regardless of your age, you are meant to feel good in all ways.  Pain free, Healthy mind, sleep at night, and inflammation free joints to name a few.  

We all use different excuses to say that our body feels the way it does, and in my case I used my age, thinking just because I am sixty;   now I have this and that wrong with me.  Not the case:  no matter your age, we need not suffer with pain, anxiety or depression because life is what it is.....

My life is now more healthier in many ways.  Just after a few weeks I would drive 3.5 hours to have Sheila re-assess me before I would visit my regular Medical Doctor.  Worth every penny I spend.

pHotential Health can change your life and You just need to Believe.

Brenda Bean

March 2018

When I did my first Homeopathics and detox. I noticed how much of a difference that I seen, which was; decrease swelling on my body, to feeling a lot better and being able to trust a lot more. This told me that the medicine was definitely helping me heal on all levels. 


I am a 73 year old woman who retired in Sept. 2016 and moved from the Northwest Territories to my home town in East Central, AB.  Upon arrival I came down with a cold and then I got the flu that continued on for several months.  I went to see the doctor with the following symptoms: hands shaking, upset stomach, diarrhea, dry mouth, headaches, weak feeling all the time, no energy and not sleeping. I was sent for blood test & x-rays and I was given anti-depressants and sleeping pills.  This was all done over a period of 6 months and at the end of that time I was just getting sicker and sicker.  My cousin had previously been to see Sheila Viel and he convinced me to make an appointment with her and thank heavens he did.  I went to see her on Mar. 30, 2017  and had a Biodynamic Cranial Therapy session and was given some homeopathic supplements.  Within 2 days I started feeling better and getting some of my strength back and by the end of the week there was such a difference it was unbelievable.  I had another appointment with Sheila on Apr. 4, 2017 and had another Therapy session and a change in some of the supplements and as of Apr. 24, 2017 I am feeling really good.  I am very thankful that I found Sheila as I was close to giving up on living if I was going to be as sick as I had been all the time. Anytime I have called her with questions she has returned my call within the same day.  Thanks again Sheila for giving me my life back and allowing me many more years of retirement.


I am most impressed by Sheila's knowledge, professionalism and passion for helping others.  Sheila patiently answers all my questions, helped my understand how my body processes work, and made my healthier.


Sheila is the most amazing care provider, holistic homeopathic practitioner, wellness and nutritional coach.  She is my mentor, nurturer, admirer and my go to person on many levels.  She is so knowledgeable on so many aspects when it comes to our bodies and it complex functions. She is constantly educating herself and taking courses to learn and share with all she knows.  I really don't know how she does it all.  Greed is not in her vocabulary!  

I have seen how she treats me and all her clients, friends and she genuinely cares and deeply listens and understands.  This is another reason why she is such a good therapist...... as it takes knowledge, and experience to be such a intuitive healer.

Thanks to her, my Rheumatoid Arthritis is in remission, and my overall health has drastically improved, off all medications and continually improves as I age, which is so  inspiring to me and others to experience!  I genuinely know, I would not be where I am today without her services. I can not thank her enough from the bottom of my heart and soul.


I had vein surgery in June 2016, and two weeks post op developed CIU (Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria), a complex name for hives.  After seeing multiple specialists and being hospitalized three times, I decided conventional medicine is effective for treating acute infections and emergency conditions of that sort, but remarkably ineffective at successfully treating chronic conditions.  Every Doctor I seen wanted to only suppress, control, or mange my symptoms.

I reached out to Sheila because of her depth of experience, knowledge and strong intuitive capabilities.  My hope was that she would be able to address the fundamental cause and provide much needed physical and mental relief.

I can state without reservation that Sheila Viel has the highest level of professionalism, respect and compassion.  She is an accomplished provider that cares for her clients not only in her office, but through e-mail and phone contact as well.  She listens carefully and works with her clients to create an individualized plan of care.  With homeopathic remedies and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,  Sheila has assisted me in optimizing my healing process, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

In addition, Sheila gave me methods that empower me to take control of my own health and well-being. Her comprehensive services compliment all that medicine and health care have to offer.  She is an excellent Holistic Healer, teacher, leader, and role-model whom I would highly recommend to anyone.

-Michelle Nelson

I have very bad arthritic knees, and was getting three injections in my knee every 3-4 months, my knee pain kept me up all night, having to take pain medications.  With the aid of Sheila Viel and her homeopathics, it has been 16 months, and I  have not had to take any pain medications, sleeping really well, and I have not gone back for any injections in my knee!.  I can't thank her enough.


"Oh my God..... are we ever thankful to have Sheila in our corner".  "Thank-you for your help in our hour of need"


As a senior, I am indebted and grateful for Sheila Viel and Homeopathic Remedies.  Approximately 5 years ago,  the Medical doctors only solution to poor circulation of my feet, were to cut off my feet.  As I am not a diabetic, and have lead a very active and independent life, I knew there must be some other choice. With Sheila's knowledge  and Homeopathics, I at 92 years old still have my feet, drive, don't require glasses, and live a wonderful life.


Homeopathic (Bioregulatory Medicine) is a natural therapy to healing without chemical drugs with side-effects, which I believe are detrimental, where-as Homeopathic remedies have no side-effects, other than allowing the body to heal within, naturally.  I refer everyone I see that complains of any issue to Sheila, as this is the only way to heal our bodies, and just not mask or stop the symptoms which drives illness deeper.



Finding the therapy of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has changed my life.  I had two emergency shunts placed in my brain 30 years ago approx.  Approximately 3 years ago the shunts started to grow in and I was experiencing horrific headaches. I was unable to look or focus on objects as my eyes darted in my head due to the pressure on my brain, and as well, I leaned from my ankles. I was unable to work, and the medical profession told me there was nothing they could do for me.  

It has changed my life.  I no longer have headaches, my eyes don't dart, I don't lean and most of all I have returned to work and enjoying life again.

I can't thank Sheila enough, I have often told her, "She has saved my life", and I will be forever grateful for his amazing therapy.  I highly recommend this therapy for any ailment.  

Sheila is very professional, caring, and knowledgeable.


Thanks Sheila,

I have my body back!  I went in for a BCST treatment for my sore back and after the treatment I realized that my whole body needed it.  It was tight from my head to my toes.  I felt like a new person after the treatment.  My co-workers even noticed the difference in me immediately the next morning, more relaxed and pain free.......


BELOW IS A TESTIMONIAL PLACED IN MOMMY'S CONNECTIONS:                                                                                                                                  

“Do you want to have this baby tomorrow?”

I was 39 weeks pregnant with my second child, when I went to see Sheila Viel at pHotential Health  for a Biodynamic Craniosacral session. My intention was to help my body open up my hips and pelvis, and get my body ready for delivery.

In the middle of the session, Sheila asked me “do you want to have this baby tomorrow?”.  I said, “yes!”.  And I cried because I was so ready, and the next day was the day I had chosen in my mind, the day that I wanted to have my baby (and I hadn’t even told Sheila that). Sheila said “I can’t promise that this therapy will work and it will only happen if you and baby are ready”.  After my therapy session, I was amazed that I didn’t waddle out of there. My hips were so relaxed!

That night, I went to bed, and at midnight I woke up to go pee (as usual), and I lost my mucus plug. I went back to bed, and had some discomfort for the rest of the night, but I slept, and got up around 5:30a.m. By 7:00a.m., it was definitely more than discomfort, I was now having contractions! At 10a.m., my water broke, and we rushed to the birth centre.

My baby girl was born at 11:37am., unassisted, no interventions, in the water, with no tears. Amazing! Sheila Viel has also taught me about the importance of the Birth and Attachment Theory where certain approaches are used to form a strong relationship with your child which is essential for baby’s healthy development. Sure enough, using Sheila’s approaches, my baby latched on immediately and nursed for about an hour.

It was such a wonderful experience. Completely opposite from my first delivery (1.5 days of labour, epidural, induction, vacuum assisted, hospital birth).

When my baby was just one week old, we both went back to Sheila for another session of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. My daughter was having some painful gas (1 really bad episode, and 1 not as bad, two different evenings) and I was sore. After that session, the muscles in my pubic area were less sore and my baby’s gas issues didn’t return. So far so good, she’s 20 days old now!

-Sylvie L.

About the Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is very beneficial and supportive for all ages; and especially beneficial in labour and delivery for both Mom and baby. With the slight touch of my hand the client’s body is able to see where it’s not in health, or where there are restrictions being held and the body will reorganize as necessary.  For Sylvie, her pelvis, hips and pubis symphysis widened and from there, baby, who also benefits from the therapy, therefore is able to do what is biologically innate. 

Sylvie’s baby was right lie and throughout the BCST session made the turn to left lie.  After the session, baby was approximately halfway turned, and as the therapy continues, the baby would continue to left lie, which is the preferred lie.  When we work on our cranium, we open up to the possibilities to release any held restrictions.  In doing so, we in turn may have an effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland that regulates the oxytocin release, that of which is needed to start the birthing process.

Following the birth, BCST is extremely beneficial for babies, especially those that experienced birth trauma, i.e. forceps, vacuum, drugs, C-sections, etc. Babies whom have had trauma typically do not settle or nurse well and this is due to cranial bones and the cranial nerves trauma.

At one week old, when Sylvie’s baby showed signs of some digestive distress, a quick session was done on Baby.  For babies it takes very little time for them to respond, typically 10-15 minutes. For mom, her body was able to recognize the pelvis needed to go back in place. Sylvie said that after therapy, it didn’t even hurt to get off the table as it had before.

Healing a mother and child in this stage of development is very important. If we can re-pattern the trauma and resolve issues at the earliest of age very quickly, we can form a foundation for healthy, secure, resilient children, and parent-child relationships that are based on mutual trust, pleasure and love – essential attributes for a healthy adulthood and a caring society, for generations. This being said, we are able to assist individuals with birth trauma at any age even into adulthood.

As a whole, the therapy really settles the autonomic nervous system, benefiting both mom and babe, a relaxed mom is a relaxed babe!

BCST Is not a therapy with intention to “fix anything”, as Therapists, we assist the body to do what it is resourced to.

Sheila Viel RN, RCST, 

Di Bioregulatory Medicine, DNM.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Testimonials

I felt so much relief and a change in thinking after the treatment, as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Everything changed for the better. Fears were diminished and good things came after that treatment. 


After a craniosacral therapy treatment, I feel balance, re-energized, and re-aligned.  It allowed me to recognize where I was holding stress in the body.  With Sheila's touch, I was able to release and stop the pain in my hip.

The process or events that happens in a treatment session, is hard to explain or describe.  The best choice of words I have are, a "re-awakening of the body" and a "widening of my body", and a "regain of health". 





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